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A MusclePharm Product
Great Tasting Ultra-Premium 100% Whey Protein! *
✓ 25 grams of high-quality protein
✓ Only 1g of sugar
✓ Banned-substance tested
✓ No artificial dyes or colors


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Combat 100% Whey™ is an ultra-premium blend containing 100% whey protein. It is for athletes looking to maintain lean muscle and replenish nutrients after workouts to fuel muscle recovery and performance that tastes great and mixes easily. Every scoop of Combat 100% Whey™ is packed with 25g
of 100% whey protein as whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate that digests quickly to help satisfy your daily protein needs. In addition, Combat 100% Whey™ is low in fats and free of artificial
dyes, fillers, gluten, and other undesirable ingredients. Take any time of day, before or after a workout, to fuel the athlete inside of you with an ultra-premium, quality protein experience

✓ Low carbs and high protein per serving
✓ Tastes great
✓ Gluten-Free
✓ Fast digesting

Mix 1 scoop of COMBAT 100% WHEY™ with 8–12 oz. of cold water.

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