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The Anabolic Stack

The perfect stack for those who want some serious gainz this winter, Based on the top-notch Kevin Levrone products:

  • Kevin Levrone Anabolic Crea10
  • Kevin Levrone Anabolic Prime Pro


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Complete gaining stack for those who wants to gain some serious muscle mass this winter.

Based on Kevin Levrone Anabolic Crea10 and Anabolic Prime Pro.

Kevin Levrone Anabolic Crea10 is a new dietary supplement based on a creatine complex recommended especially to athletes. As many as 10 forms of creatine, including: creatine magnesium chelates, creatine malate, creatine hydrochloride, creatine monohydrate, creatine citrate, creatine pyruvate, creatine ethyl ester hydrochloride, AKG creatine, and AKG creatine. creatine ethyl ester as well as creatine gluconate. It is one of the most effective keratin stacks increasing the physical efficiency of the body during short-term high-intensity exercise.

Crea10 has been enriched with ingredients that accelerate muscle building and strengthen strength. The preparation is perfect for building lean muscle mass, and a high dose of the best forms of creatine increases strength. The advanced formula recommended for athletes contributes to the improvement of sports performance, promotes the regeneration of the body, and reduces muscle acidification after long-term training.

LEVRONE ANABOLIC PRIME-PRO protein supplement is a product designed for people who are looking for a convenient source of wholesome whey protein. The supplement formula is based on a combination of classical concentrate and a patented form of hydrolysed concentrate (OPTIPEP® 80) - different rate of protein digestion and kinetics of protein release ensure effective access to essential components for muscles. The nutrient has been prepared in the form of an easily soluble powder, which makes it possible to prepare a tasty cocktail - the product can be used as an addition to other meals. The composition has been enriched with potassium and calcium.

What are the benefits of LEVRONE ANABOLIC PRIME-PRO?

  • A single serving of the product delivers 22.5g of high-quality protein
  • OPTIPEP® 80 - proprietary form of hydrolyzed whey concentrate - high quality raw material
  • Prepared to the highest standard and in compliance with the necessary safety standards
  • Protein is essential for growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and supports healthy bones[1-5]
  • Protein can have a valuable effect on eliminating some of the consequences of intensive physical activity e.g. feeling of muscle fatigue[6]
  • Rich amino acid profile - the product is a source of valuable and necessary essential amino acids BCAA and EAA
  • Potassium and calcium contribute to correct muscle function[4]
  • Potassium supports the normal functioning of the nervous system and affects blood pressure[4]
  • Calcium is valuable for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, normal energy metabolism and nerve transmission, and supports optimal digestive enzyme function.

Kevin Levrone Anabolic Crea10 benefits: 

  • The power of 10 forms of creatine.
  • Powerful anabolic effects.
  • Comprehensive muscle support.
  • Increase in muscle protein synthesis.
  • Protection against catabolism.
  • 1-2 scoop post workout anabolic prime pro
  • 1 scoop anabolic crea10 in preworkout

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