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Fat loss Stack 3

Perfect fat loss stack based on best-selling fat loss whey protein Nitrtotech ripped not just a normal whey protein but with fat loss ingredients to cut extra fat, preserve and grow your muscles at the same time. Adding Best Bcaa to promote anabolic window and prevents muscle soreness and fatigue throughout the workout. On the other hand Myprotein Alpha men and Omega 369 cover-up entire immunity needs.


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A complete fat loss stack based on top notch intra, post workout, multivitamin, and fishoil to provide you energy & strength during workout and to cover up your anabolic window after post workout and then improves your overall immunity

✓Extra fat loss during workout.

✓Keeps you hydrated during workout, less muscle soreness.

✓Keeps you in anabolic state and repairs your muscle tissue after workout.

✓Helps to boost overall immunity.

-Add 1 scoop of Best Bcaa in 500ml water and drink during workout.

-1 scoop of Nitrotech Ripped in 200ml water right after the workout.

-1 tablet of Alpha men with meal twice a day

-1 capsule of Omega 369 with meal thrice a day 

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